Individuals Accused of Terrorism found from Pakistan

Posted: May 18, 2011 in News and Views

Pakistan may reject the accusations of complicity or any link with Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, and other individuals who have been accused of terrorist activities both within and outside Pakistan but below list of people who were either Pakistanis or foreigners accused of terrorism were found from Pakistan.  

Source: ZEM (aaj-kamran-khan-ke-saath-4th-may-2011)-Compiled by Ali Palh- RightsNOW Pakistan

Date & year Incident Killings Involved/Arrested
5 September, 1985 Hijacking of plan 22 5 Palestinians and few Pakistanis
25 January, 1993 Firing at CIA Head Quarter Virginia 2 CIA Staff Arrested Aiml Kansi (Dera Gazi Khan)
26 February,1993 Bombing at WTC, NY 6 Planned and executed by Yousif Rimzi –Arrested from Islamabad and hanged by US
7 August 1998 Attack on US Embassy Kenya and Tanzania 212                     Arrested Ahmed Khalfan Galyani, planner, arrested from Gujrat
13 October 2000 Attack on USS COAL –Yemen 23 US Soldiers 27 April 2003, Waleed Mohummad Attash is arrested from Karachi
8 May 2002                     Attack on French Engineers outside Sheraton Hotel Karachi 1 French Engineer & 2 Pakistanis killed Mufti Mohammad Sabir arrested in 2005 September from Karachi
12 October 2002 Attack in a resort at Balli, Indonesia 202 Killings Umer Pattak arrested from Pakistan on 25 2011
7 July 2005 Suicide Bombing in Tube at London (4 attacks) 56 Three Pakistanis were involved (M.Siddique, Shahzad Tanveer, Haseeb Hussein) and planner Zabil ul Hassan arrested from Peshwar, Pakistan on 20 Jan-2009
26 November, 2008 Attack on hotel in Mumbai, India 164 One Ahmed Qassab in Indian custody, 9 Pakistanis were killed-five people (Hammad Ameen, Javed Iqbal, Zarar Shah and others arrested on 2009 February from Pakistan.
1 May 2010 Attempt to explode Time Square, NY Faisal Shahzad, Pakistani-US, arrested on 5 May 2010- Shuab, Mohummad Shahid and others arrested from Islamabad
28 March 2002 Abu Zubaida    
28 March 2002 Abu Zubaida Faisalabad  


Involvement of Pakistanis in Terrorist Activities or foreigner who used Pakistanis land or took shelter
Date Name  & Nationality Reason Arrested from following Places
28 March 2002 Abu Zubaida –Palestinian Al Qaeda Affiliation Faisalabad –Pakistan
11 Sep 2002 Ramzi-Yemen Al-Qaeda Affiliate  
1 March  2003 Khalid Mohummad Sheikh (Pak) 9/11 planning Rawalpindi –Pakistan
18 March Yasir Al Zaheri – Al Qaeda Affiliate Lahore-Pakistan
27 April 2003 Waleed Attash Al- Qaeda Karachi –Pakistan
25 July 2004 Ahmed Khalfan Galyani Al-Qaeda Gujrat-Pakistan
2 May 2005 Abu Faraj ul Talbi- Al Qaeda Leadership Mardan –Pakistan
10 May 2006 Mustafa Nasar Al Qaeda Quetta –Pakistan
20 January 2009 Abul Mantar Al Qaeda Peshawar- Pakistan
25 January 2011 Umar Pattak Al-Qaeda (Balli Bombing) Abbotabad, Pakistan
2 May 2011 Usama Bin Laden Al Qaeda Leader Killed in a firefight with US forces at Abbotabad, Pakistan


Attacks on Foreign Consulates

Date Country Killings Arrest
17 November Egypt 17 No Development 
14 June 2002 US Consulate Karachi 12 ND
28 February 2003 Firing at US Consulate Karachi 2 ND
15 March 2004 US Consulate-Islamabad 4 ND
2 June 208 Den Mark 5 ND
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