Statement : Usama Bin Laden Killed in a undercover Military Operation

Posted: May 2, 2011 in News and Views

In response to the announcement made by the White House and later followed by the President of United States, Barack Obama about the killing of Usama Bin  Laden, leader of Al Qaeda, who was wanted in 9/11 and several other attacks against United States and other countries, in  a undercover operation carried out by US military, RightsNOW Pakistan hopes it will end the era of violence and start a new journey which will have positive impact on the human rights and human security in Pakistan and around the world. United States, Afghanistan, Kenya, Tanzania, Pakistan and other countries who have been victims of terrorist attacks should mark this occasion as a start of new journey to peace and harmony around the world.

  1. SOHNI SHAMS says:

    I think this is a great successful operation taken by US military. I have appreciated to all of soldiers they have taken the operation. Hope this is a great winningness for america.

    Now i have request to president of USA and President of Pakistan to kindly re-instate my husband in Pak Army who serving in Army for 14 Years but Commandant Punjab Regiment Centre Mardan had dismissed from service on Oct 2005. I have perusing my husband case since last six years and many applications/clarifications were forwarded to GHQ and President Zardari Sb, for his inocence but all remain fruitless.
    Plz I once again request to kindly give him an opertunity and re-instate him in Pak Army once again.
    Hoping for favourable consideration, please.
    Thnks and regards.

    Sohni Shamas
    Wife of 2393218 Naik/Clerk Shamas Ud Din,
    House No. 766, Al-Quresh Housing Scheme Phase-II, Sher Shah road Multan Pakistan.

  2. samina says:

    but i think its not true,coz they show the dead picture which release in, in that picture usama smiling and this is the copy of that picture, now its open to all, you can search on net mr shoni shamas,

    • SOHNI SHAMAS says:

      I think u r write but always it is not true either you see. I think osma bin laden had already been SHAHEED a long time ago. the US is comprehensively known that he had died earlier. Now they have only showing to world that we have achived our target due to killing of osama.
      I would like to inform u that SHAEED’S are always smiling.

      take care.


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