Mushaira at Fletcher School-Tufts University

Posted: April 20, 2011 in News and Views

Gulab Jamun

Project Nur, Harvard Pakistan Student Group, and Aligarh Alumni Association of New England are putting on a mushaira! For those of you who do not know what a mushaira is, it is an event where poets gather to recite their works.We will be having around 3-4 local poets coming to present their poetry on Thursday April 28. Following their presentation, we will look to members of the audience to recite if they wish. Translations of …the Urdu poems will be available as well.Refreshments (samosas, cheese, crackers, chai, and coffee) will be served prior to the poetry at 6:30. The poetry will start at 7:00pm.

We are also looking to have a ghazal singer but are in need of a tabla player to commit. If anyone interested in attending knows how to play the tabla or knows someone who knows the tabla, then please contact Charlotte Giles at

Local Poets reciting include:
Maarij Kirmani
Dr. Muneebur Rahman
Dr. Jamal Qadri

Please join us for a great display of the rich culture of Urdu poetry!

From RightsNOW:

Dear all,

This is going to be a great Mushaira in Boston’s history for following reasons:

Great local poetess (se names above) will be reading their poetry and other poets/poetess like myself will also get chance to recite poetry.

Gulab Jamon (a popular Indian/Paksitani desert) and spicy delicious Samosas (Triangular pastory stuffed with veg) and Tea/Chai will  make you feel energetic and keep you awake during the Mushaira.

You know that translation of urdu/hindi poetry will be provided? Yes, we have that arrnagement. For example : If poet/poetess recites Faiz:  tum mere paas raho. mere qaatil, mere dildaar, mere paas raho Translation: You who demolish me, you whom I love, be near me. Remain near me when evening

This Mushaira will give insight in Paksitan and India’s culture and will fill you emotionally and spirtually.

Please join us for Mushaira and enjoy the evening!!!! 

  1. Rob BusBec says:

    Senator John Kerry addressed the Fletcher School’s 2011 graduating class at their graduation. Speech was beautiful? Were you there?

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