Mr. Salah ul Din Panhwer, selected Chairman Human Rights Committee, Pakistan Bar Council

Posted: April 3, 2011 in News and Views

RightsNOW Pakistan congratulates Mr. Salah ul din Panhwar, a young Attorney at Law and President Mirpurkhas Lawyer’s Bar Association and human rights activist on his selection as a Chairman, Human Rights Committee, Pakistan Bar Council.

Mr. Salah ul din Panhwer-Attorney at Law and President Mirpukhas Bar

Mr. Panhwar is a very popular lawyer both at locally and national level. His extensive experience as a judge prior becoming a lawyer, allows him to provide effective representation for his clients and poor people who need legal help in Sindh and Pakistan. Mr. Panhwer has been active and important part of judicial movement in Pakistan. RightsNOW Pakistan sincrely congratulates Mr. Panhwer on his selection as Chairman, Human Rights Committee and expects very positive results from this development on both human rights as well human security situation in both Sindh and Pakistan.



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