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Tibetan students  held Tibetan Freedom Vigil at Harvard Square in United States. Today 23th March, 2011 Students For Free Tibet held a protest at Harvard Square, Harvard University, Cambridge MA; where nonviolent protestors demanded the freedom of Tibet. People from different ethnic groups and nationalities joined the protest and expressed the solidarity with the people of Tibet and their cause.

According to Tibetan community of Boston, they will hold these vigils on every Wednesday evening from 6:30 -8:30 pm at Harvard Square.

Tibetan community leader Sepa addressed the protestor and demanded the freedom of Tibet. Protestors were bearing flags and banners saying, “China out Of Tibet” and ‘Human Rights for Tibet.” RightsNow Pakistan expresses it solidarity with the six million Tibetans living in the Tibet and appreciate thier nonviolent strugle for the promotion and protection of their rights.