Raymond Davis, American Contractor Held in Pakistan, Released

Posted: March 17, 2011 in News and Views

Raymond Davis, a 36-year-old who after spending two months in Lahore jail for two Pakistanis have been released on Wednesday, ending one of the most serious diplomatic standoff between US and Pakistani government.

Davis Raymond while in Police Custoy-old picture

Davis was set freer after family members of the Pakistani killed by Davis told the Court that they were dropping charges in exchange for financial compensation, often referred as blood money in Pakistan.

Media already speculated the decision of Davis release. However, Religious parties in Pakistan held protests over the past several weeks against the expected decision of Davis’ release.



  1. Daud says:

    Atlast americans got freed their agent/contractor. In his speech Mr. Obama, President of USA asked Pakistan government for his release. This shows how important this agent/contractor is, for USA. Whatever steps have taken by US govt. for this, are very important etc etc. But the thing we the Pakistanis as a nation have to think and care is, what our Federal and Provincial govts. have done in this case.
    We think that successors of British Agents (before partition of subcontinent) or the Establishment Mafia, govening Pakistan will help us get our rights ? All this is not clear after 63 years of our freedom. What is the ratio of education ? what is the level of poverty ? what is the ratio of employment ? Where is our foreign trade ?
    Who is there in the govts. (Federal and Provincial) to care for all these basic problems. Sharif Brothers, who go out of country, for any reason, at the very critical time. Or Mr. President, who was not ready to pay the maintenance bills of Surrey Palace. Or the religious leaders who are involved in Haj Scandle. ??????

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