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SouthAsian Correspondent- Jaffna student who was following his higher education in London returned to Jaffna-Sri Lanka has been reported missing since Wednesday last week. According to reports, he got missing while he was on his way to Colombo.

Boys’ age is 24 year and name Theivendram Kuvaite is from Chlipuram, Jaffna was visiting his relatives and family and was on his vacation.  His relatives have made complaint at the local police station at Vaddukoddai Police Station. After some time of calm this incident has again created fear and insecurity among civilians in Jaffna. Local people are linking this incident with Sri Lanka president Mahinda Rajapakse’s visit to London where he faced protests at the airport by Tamils based in London.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa this situation when he was at the Dorchester Hotel in London. Pro-Tamil Diaspora surounded the hotel where he was staying and staged demonstrations against him. Taking into consideration the security situation, UK Security Division advised him and his delegation not to leave the hotel. Later, he was allowed to leave under a heavy security blanket.

However, the Sri Lanka High Commission in London already knew this situation and advised Mahinda rajapakse not to visit UK. Despite advised the President went ahead.

After Mahinda Rajapakse returned to Sri Lanka reports came in media that Sri Lankan intelligence started collecting information, videos and pictures of those tamils organized protests against the Sri Lankan  President. rumors are that the missing person may have been taken in the same context.

Jaffna has always been an important place for Jaffna and had been the place of fight between Tiger and the Sri Lanka. After Sri Lankan Government defeated the Tigers and gained controlled of whole North, Jaffna came completly under the control of the government. Government also opened the road called A-9  that link the Jaffna Peninsula to the rest of the country.

The A-9 highway crosses the entire island nation from north to south. It goes through the cities of Vavuniya and Kilinochchi, divides the Vanni region, and runs along the border with the Mullaitivu district, scene of bloody clashes between the Sri Lankan army and Tamil Tigers.