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Different sources of media have reported eruption of violence in Karachi which has caused death of civilians and have created the environment of fear, insecurity and harrasment among business community and peaceful citizens.











Media reports say six people have been killed in different incident in different parts of the city including one leaders of a religious outfit. According to a reputed national TV SAMA the recent incident occurred in Korangi-2.5, where Mehmood Shah, Amir of Jamaat Ahle Sunnat Korangi was shot down. Earlier, two people were gunned down in firing incidents by unidentified miscreants in Liyari areas of Kalri and Baghdadi. Two other people were shot dead in Eidgah area. A man, Muhammed Aziz was killed in firing incident in Korangi-5 and another man Ahsan Abbas was gunned down in Orangi Town. Two other people sustained injuries in the incidents. Karachi, once, the business capital of Pakistan and popular as ‘city of light’ where once fragnance, smiles, literary gathering were common sight, now, one can only see tear gas, shelling, bullets, dead bodies and rule of fear everywhere. Government always blame terrorist or indicates the hand of outsider in it. Folowed by statements that it would take measures. Nobody knows when these measures will be taken and what these measures would be.

What has gone wrong with this beautiful city of Pakistan. Where every time, violence erupts and costs lives of  innocent civilians. Every time, vehicles banks and offices are burnt, education institutions are closed, examinations are postponed. Busniss capital of Pakistan whose stock exchange can not do a smooth business, patients can not reach hospital, people can not go out to breath in fresh air. Why Government does not take action? Why Sindh Chief Minsiter is silent? Why Interior Minister does not respond to the situation? Why Police Chief does not act? Karachi must be remembering her old days and citizens who owned her, loved her and took responsibility of her beauty and security. Today, Karachi seems angry and sad at people who are aloof, violent and irresponisble.

We would like to update you on the humanitarian situation in Japan following the floods, fires and and other damages RightsNOW Pakistan is currently monitoring situation in Japan resulted after today’s eathquake of 8.9 intensity which has caused severe floods, fires and other damage to human life and infrastructure. We express our sympathy and solidarity for victims and assure our Japanese friends both inside and outside of the Japan for our full moral support in this difficult time.

We appreciate the support our Japanese brothers and sisters provided us in 2005 during earthquake, later in 2010 during floods and always when we are hit by disasters. RightsNOW Pakistan appeals Pakistani government, nation and international community for prayers for our Japanese friends and offer them in whatever ways is possible.

We have complete faith in the abilities of Japanese nation for handling these crises with courage as they have done in the past.

Earthquake,Tsunami kills hundred in Japan and cause crippling damage to infrastructure. According to media report, an 8.9 earthquake off the pacific coast set off a massive Tsunami has resulted in floods, fires and closure of airport and transit system. Up to 300 bodies are found on a beach in Sendai, on the northeast coast, with another 110 confirmed dead elsewhere.

Picture by Reuter/Kyodo

In magnitude, the quake was the largest ever in Japan and the fifth-strongest on record, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Japan’s chief Cabinet secretary Yukio Edano said that an “extremely large number of people” had been killed, the official Kyodo news agency reported.

The agency said 200 to 300 bodies were found on the beach in Sendai, a city of 1 million people on the northeast coast that was one of the hardest hit. Another 110 people had been confirmed dead as of midnight Japan time, and the toll was sure to rise signficantly as the full extent of the damage was assessed.

The earthquake struck 80 miles offshore at 2.46 p.m. Friday Japan time. The most immediate concern was the safety of the nation’s nuclear plants. Some 3,000 people living near a nuclear power plant in Fukushima prefecture, north of Tokyo, were evacuated because of a reactor cooling malfunction, but the government said that no radiation was leaking. Authorities had turned off 11 power plants and 4 million people were reported to be without electricity.

“We ask the people of Japan to be cautious and vigilant.. We are asking the people of Japan to act calmly,” Prime Minister Naoto Kan said in a somber address to the nation.

It is also being reported that today’s devastating earthquake in Japan and resulting tsunami warnings are having an impact on flights across the world and more than 20,000 fliers stranded at Tokyo airport after earthquake.