8 March- Women day-What do you say about these questions?

Posted: March 8, 2011 in News and Views


8 March every year is celebrated as an Women’s Day around the world including Pakistan. on this day we would like to pose following few question to readers to stir a discussion and know what do they think about the women rights situation in Pakistan and what should be done to empower the Pakistani women.

Question: Are Women in Pakistan Enjoying their human rights? If not, why not? What are the reasons?






Question: Does women have adequate legal protection in Pakistan?







Question: Does presence of women in Parliament and Cabinet of Pakistan and ratification of CEDAW has any REAL impact on the security of ordinary Pakistani women?







Question: Has security level of Pakistani women been further decreased after Benazir Bhutto’s Assassination?







Question: What should be done to improve the human rights of women in Pakistan?

  1. saima fazlani says:

    Ans 1. In pk even educated n literate women dont know that what r there rights.there isnt any plateform through they know about their rights.

    Ana 2. No legal protection women hav in pk.

    Ans 3. women in Parliament and Cabinet of Pakistan r not interested in women rights .

    Ans 4. pakistani women havent any security in pakistan.

    Ans 5. my suggestion is to make dramas on women’s rights , human rights laws becoz pakistani women either they r educated literate or uneducated n illetrate both r habitual of watching dramas on tv.n the most important our govt not only make human laws but also implement that laws.

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