Foreign Governments including Pakistan have activated efforts to evacuate their nationals from Libya

Posted: March 3, 2011 in News and Views

As soon as violent crises broke out in Libya, Foreign Ministeries of different governments inculding Pakistan have activated their efforts for the evcuation of their nationals.

According to Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan received by our correspondent Sikander ali, 75 Pakistani nationals crossed over from Libya to Egypt. They have been received and are being repatriated by the Pakistan Embassy in Egypt from Alexandria to Pakistan. Another group of 36 Pakistani nationals are being flown out of Egypt and will arrive in Islamabad on Thursday morning. A group of 195 Pakistani nationals evacuated by sea to Marmaris (Turkey) have been received by the Pakistan Embassy in Turkey. A PIA charter flight has been dispatched to Dalaman (Turkey) to bring back these Pakistanis to Lahore. Pakistan Embassy in Tunisia has arranged the repatriation of 10 Pakistani nationals who will arrive at Karachi airport on March 4, 2011 by commercial flight arranged by the government.

Accoridng to sources, 53 citizens of Philipines have been evacuated by the Government of Philipines from Libya (Official Gazette). After seeking landing permits from Libyan government, Greece Foreign and Defence Minsitry has put 3 transport aircraft on alert for five airports (Tripoli, Surt, Sabha, Benghazi and Jalu). The number of registered Greece citizen who have registered themselves at the Embassy has been reported between 280-300. Accoridng to media reports, the Department of State has already issued instruction to its citizens to leave Libya. As per instruction, they were reproting to the As-Shahab port in the capital of Tripoli with their passports. It is said boarding the vessel would be on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to those with medical emergencies or severe medical conditions.

Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao said the Indian Ambassador in Libya was seeking permission for planes and ships to evacuate the 18,000 Indians, 13,000 around Tripoli and the remaining scattered in the east of the country.

All governments are trying hard to evacuate theri citizens from Libya safely. Due to difficulties in comunication and down mobile network in Libya foreign Governments are facing problems in getting connected with their citizens but they have used other means to reach their citizens working in different part of Libya to make sure they are safe or their safe evacuation could be organized by the governments if security situation is further deteriorated. RightsNow Pakistan appreciates Pakistan Governments’ organized and speedy efforts in evcauting its citizens from Libya.

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