Great Sindhi Poet Shaikh Ayaz is alive in people’s hearts and souls through his revolutionary poetry

Posted: March 2, 2011 in News and Views

On Shaikh Ayaz’s Birthday-Ali Palh

Some people die while still living. Mubarak Ali Shaikh ,who is widely known as Shaikh Ayaz, the greatest Sindhi poet of 20th century, NEVER died. He still lives in people’s memories, hearts and souls through his poetry. Shaikh Ayaz born on March 2, 1923 in a beautiful city of Sindh province called Shikarpur. Today is his  88th birthday is being celebrated with love, respect and enthusiasm, both within Sindh and other parts of the world where people love this poet.

Great Sindhi Poet-Shaikh Ayaz

By profession, he was lawyer but by heart a poet. He also served as a Vice-Chancellor of Sindh University, Jamshoro. This great Sindhi poet’s motivational, inspirational and revolutionary poetry gave  people of Sindh awareness, courage and rekindled their  love for their motherland (Sindh). Shaikh Ayaz’s poetry is recognized both within and outside Pakistan.

Shaikh Ayaz’s literary career spanned almost six decades in which he covered a wide range of poetry and prose ranging from the traditional bait, waiee , Azad Nazam” and ghazal. Shaikh Ayaz also wrote in newspapers on people’s rights and miseries.  Shaikh Ayaz, as said above, never died, taking rest at Bhit Shah near another great Sindhi mystic poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai.Not only Sindh but he did compose his poetry in Urdu and two of his anthologies, “Booye Gul, Nala-i-dil” and “Neel Kanth Aur Neem Ke Pate” were highly acclaimed.

Through his revolutionary poetry, Ayaz voiced the miseries of people of Sindh. The way he portrayed their sufferings, no political leader can ever do. His poetry was earth quake for Pakistani dictatorial regimes of Ayub and Zia. I was not born at that time but history witnesses, everyone knows, how Shaikh Ayaz through his poetry did battle against the military dictatorship of General Ayoob Khan. During the anti-One Unit campaign one of his poems “Sindhri taan sir ker na deendo, sanhando ker mayar (Is there anybody who will not sacrifice his head for Sindh, and be ashamed of it)”. Shaikh Ayaz’s poetry gave people progressive and revolutionary thinking.

Below are few videos of his poetry.

Shafi Faqeer Sings Shaikh Ayaz’s Poetry.

Sanam Marvi sings Ayaz’s poetry

Famous Poetry of Shaikh Ayaz


  1. Wajid Palh says:

    Dear Ada (brother) it is great to see your efforts for human rights in Pakistan. And your tendency to make us aware about inspirational sindhi literature through this blog. wishing u well.

  2. U r doing good job & many more to do…….

  3. Munwar Sultana Solangi says:

    Ada we need video of Humracho by Shaikh Ayaz.Could you help us?

  4. Ashfaq Jatoi says:

    Surely, Shaikh Ayaz is a great intellectual & inspirational i have ever come to know.He can be said one of the greatest poet of sub-continent with Ghalib,Tagore and Shah Latif,good work bro Ali keep it up

  5. AR Mangrio says:

    Shaikh ayaz is still alive

  6. Aamir Ali Umrani. LAW Department, University Of Sindh. says:

    Impressive sain… Keep it up.

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