Meet Tooba Ghumro – An Anchor and News Presenter » tooba–new-pic

Posted: March 1, 2011 | Full size is 600 × 453 pixels

Tooba -At ARY Studio during News

  1. Marvi Ghumro says:

    I am Marvi Ghumro, Tooba’s younger sister..
    I would also like to leave some comments after reading her interview.
    I feel really proud that I am tooba’s sister. She is a wonderful person.A beautiful daughter, caring sister. She takes care of everyone.. I don’t remember that she’d ever said no to me for anything. She consider the requests, fulfill commitments but what i don’t like about my sister is she is sensitive and thinks from heart always not brain.thinking from heart always hurt the expectations… She is very dedicated towards her work, tooba is focused, ambitious and she is a role model for me, sufyan and infact my friends take her as a role model. But its good to know that our Sindhi Community is also very proud of her as she is the 1st Sindhi gal leading national media s a front line news anchor and experiencing other things like production,reporting, editorial too. She now working as a program producer in ARYNEWS and I am really happy to see her learning something really big. May ALLAH Bless Her.! (Ameen)

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  3. moiz sheikh says:

    assalam o alaikum my name is moiz sheikh and i am student of first year mere age 16 year hai or mujhe news caster benna hai to main kaise benno aap to khud news caster hain mere email ka reply zaror dega ok

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