Meet Tooba Ghumro – An Anchor and News Presenter

Posted: March 1, 2011 in Talk For Change

If you say that Tooba is not a media celebrity in Pakistan then thousands of people are going to disagree with you” this is response of one of Tooba’s fans to my question: Is Tooba Ghumroo a media personality? I was talking to Tooba on a completely different issue and suddenly an idea struck my mind that why not I interview her for RightsNOW and ask questions which her fans want to know about her. I asked Tooba and she agreed. Thanks for her generosity. Tooba is the youngest Sindhi media icon.


RightsNOW-Pak: How do you describe yourself?  (What kind of personality you are? Your education, family and whatever, you would like to share with the readers).

Tooba- Thank Ali, for giving me this opportunity to talk to my friends and viewers through this platform. I would describe myself as a very passionate girl. I love my work and do it with complete passion. If I am assigned to perform any task, I do that with full dedication. I am very reserved kind of person but not when I am in my circle of friends.  As far as education is concerned, I have completed my bachelors in commerce with majors in economics and now I am preparing for CSS and would like to be an official.


RightsNOW-Pak: You would like to be a official, for power, prestige or…what is motivation Tooba?

Tooba: Motivation is  simple: to serve my people in a capacity where I will be in a position to do something for them. May be that is the proper mechanism to reciprocate love and support to our people who have been showing their love and support for a long time. I am thankful for our people’s prayers and support.

RightsNOW-Pak: What attracted you to media? Particularly Sindhi Media?

Tooba: I started my career from Sindhi media KTN news (Kawish Television Network) back in 2006 after my matriculation. I started from Bangkok, you were there, and you know that. I joined Sikandar Baloch and other KTN crew there…….what attracted to media is important question…Well, I wanted to have experience and exposure to see and feel outside world. At the same time, I had decided to do something for Sindh and people through media. So could give them awareness and raise their voice and get their point of view heard.

Frankly speaking, I was not what I am now. Media has given me exposure, name, fame etc. After working in Sindhi media, I have come to know about the problems of Sindh. Later I realized that I should move from regional media to national media and also I had this thing in mind that it through that platform, I will be able to work for Sindh and its issues. As I told, not only Sindhi cause but also my personal career motivation made me to switch to Urdu media. However, I feel comfortable with my urdu colleagues and like Urdu media also but I cannot forget what Sindhi media has given me. Sindh media has been my mentor, my school…

RightsNOW-Pak: Why you left KTN?

Well, the reason of leaving KTN was to switch to a national channel. Of course,I I am professional and I wanted to climb the ladder of my career and move upward from regional to national TV Channel whose viewer-ship is in Asia,Europe and elsewhere.  Also, I wanted to show the world  that Sindhi girls  can also  be presenters on Urdu and national channels. And they have such potential.

RightsNOW-Pak: How do you differentiate ARY and KTN?

Tooba: First of all I would like to mention that both are the medium media which conveys news, plays an important role to highlight the major issues. Big difference I would say, language difference. It is language which plays an important role to gather viewer and make a strong viewership. No doubt ARY news has got an excellent viewership not only in Asia as well as in entire Europe. Another difference is the difference of preferences and priorities. Being a part of ARY news I have come to know that ARY prefers national high level issues first than the local ones while KTN prefers issues of SIND first.

RightsNOW-Pak: Who is your ideal in your family and in media?

My ideal in my family is my mother. She is the woman who has done a lot of sacrifices in life. She left her career to give me and my siblings a quality time, to make us grow in a liberal environment, to support us in every manner. In media I don’t have any ideal but the person who does his work with complete passion and hard work can be my ideal.

RightsNOW-Pak: Tell us about your family?

Tooba: I have a small family. Aman (mother) Baba (dad), a younger sister and a younger brother. Younger sister is 20years old doing majors in Economics and younger brother is sixteen and he is in college. I am the eldest one.

Tooba Ghumro

RightsNOW-Pak: Being the oldest among your siblings, you must be getting the lion’s share (big portion) of chocolates, cakes rights?

Tooba: (Laughter)..No I love them so I give my share to them even. They are my life and soul.

RightsNOW-Pak: How did you manage to get permission from your family to enter in media?

Tooba: As I have mentioned above my mother is very liberal in thinking so is my other family members. I with my siblings have grown up in a very liberal environment. My family understands and respects the desires and rights of an individual. My family knew what I want and they not only supported but even helped me to get in media and do the progress by right means. And practically speaking educated and empowered girl/women can protect her in a better way.

RightsNOW-Pak: What are challenges for a girl in Sindhi or Pakistani electronic media?

Tooba: As we all know that we have been living in a male dominated society. Man always gets first preference in everything. A Pakistani woman has to face many challenges to get herself recognized. Women have to prove that there is no such job which they cannot do. If they run a house and bring up children then they can do the hardest jobs of the world.

As compare to Pakistani woman, Sindhi woman face additional challenges and difficulties in reaching to her destination. Every step is discrimination and challenge but I would say there are lot of positive minded men there everywhere in the form of brother, father, friends and colleagues who support you when you determined to do something. Working in media is not an easy job for a girl but I would say it should not scare us to do that. From my own experience, I have learned that if you are from a good family with good and show respect to everyone then there are lot of good souls to support you.

RightsNOW-Pak: How do you deal with your fans? Do you remember their names and details?

Tooba: OHH! I feel very happy when people recognize my work, my talent, my confidence. I feel great when I see people wants to talk to me they want to know about me, about my personal life, about my friends. I just love it! Yea! I do remember my fans, I do remember their names. In fact I prefer to send replies to their emails, tweets and face book messages whenever I can.

RightsNOW-Pak: Anything scares you in life?

Tooba: Well, there are a lot of things which makes me scared but I’d like to mention that I am very much afraid of reptiles especially snakes.

RightsNOW-Pak: If you are reading news and snake enters in studio? How you would react?

Tooba: I would manage to run away hahahhahaah…….

RightsNOW-Pak: If people say Tooba is rude and arrogant. What will be your response?

Tooba -At ARY Studio during News

Tooba: My response will be- No Tooba is neither  rude nor arrogant. Tooba is sweet.Tooba is considerate and Tooba is respectfull

RightsNOW-Pak: Any childhood memory?

Tooba: YEAH! I have a very sweet memory of my childhood.  I guess I was 5 years old when it had happened. Once I went to the market with my father and I asked him to buy me cookies, ice cream and some chocolates. He did buy but only cookies. Being a five years old kid I begged him to buy me chocolates but he did not so when shop keeper went inside the shop to bring something and Dad was busy in payment or something. I seized the opportunity and stole 6 or 7 candies and put them in my pocket.

Tooba in Studio

After reaching home, I went to my mom with a happy face and showed her my cookies and chocolates. Mom asked my dad why did he buy me 6 candies. It’s not good for tooba’s teeth!  Dad replied: I did not buy Tooba 6 candies I only bought her cookies and then my dad called me and asked me ‘from did I get those candies’? I was not replying him for the second time he spoke to me loudly and I told him the truth that I stole the candies because he did not buy for me. After knowing the truth Dad immediately took me to the shop and told the story to the shopkeeper paid him the cost.  That was my life’s first and last Chori hahhah

RightsNOW-Pak: Any friend? Best friend?

Tooba: My sister Marvi and my brother Sufiyan are my best friends. Saima Omer Hayat, my colleague and Co-anchor is my best friend. Sikander Baloch, Aijaz  Panhwer, Altaf Babar , Laraib, Saira, Kamran, Qadir Kandhar, Junaid Ali, Aziz Ansari, Saif are my friends. And of course you, Ali Palh 🙂

Childhood Memories of Tooba

RightsNOW-Pak: How do you see women rights in Sindh? How Sindhi women can come forward and have rights equal to men?

Tooba:  Education. Once a girl is educated she can have her rights. I request all my friends, viewers, respectable Sindh people that please educate your daughters and treat them equally and humanely. NGOs can play important role in awareness of women rights but primary responsibility is of state and our own as a brother, father and male member of society.

RightsNOW-Pak: Any message for people?

Tooba:  Always believe in the best; because, when you believe in the best you have best of the best. Never lose confidence in yourself, if you want to achieve your goals you need to work hard.  In life, never give up. Never! Always remember there is “NO GAIN WITHOUT PAIN”.

RightsNOW-Pak: Thanks Tooba for being with us today.

Tooba:  Thanks to RightsNOW Pak. Takecare.

See Tooba on Screen…….

  1. It was great feeling to read Tooba’s views. As a Business Anchor i would comment that Tooba has done a great job in Media, as she has already described that with the challenges of being woman there are some additional challenges by being a Sindhi Woman, so keeping these all circumstances in her mind she has done a great and wonderful struggle to be reached at the level which is best suited to her. And i congratulate her for being a producer of a Business program on ARY NEWS, this is an additional effort and success by her. My best wishes are with her, May Allah SWT keeps her in kindness and lead her to right direction where she wanted to see herself 🙂

  2. sorath says:

    It is very intresting to know that tooba is now news caster in ARY news well interview is really inspired to me as she said no gain without pain so yea she is r8 and as my aim is also join the news desk so i will follow you and and hope i will also got my destination

  3. janbaz says:

    tooba kumra is very talented and nice news canters–know she no casting news in ary -i donot know ..but i donot see news of ary know

  4. janbaz says:

    tubaa kumro is talented news caster- she is a serious girl

  5. janbaz says:

    i am living in belgium-my mother land is pak

  6. laraib perzada (tooba's best friend) says:

    I just want to say that I and all friends are really proud of her. She is a lady with great courage, brave & strong. I have seen her facing such difficulties with great courage. She is a girl who never give up on anything. She is hard working since childhood. when we used to study together she used to be the soul of our class room. A very good student who always brought tremendous progress to school, made the teachers proud everytime. She is a human being with lots of love in heart for everyone. If i describe her what kinna a fiend she is so i must say she is a wonderful friend who is always there to help u, support you in anything. She is a sincere person who always wants good for every one accept the ppl who makes her to think bad for thm by showing such negative attitude to tooba regarding anthing. I know her since childhood,i know her family too. she has grown up in such a good and respectfull family. She is a great daughter, a very good sister, a wonderful friend, professional and dedicated towards her work, she used to be a very naughty but very progressive student, when ever we friends meet her or go out with her trust me! she made us laugh all the time its not bcoz she do that intentionally but bcoz she is so naughty and innocent that everything she does makes us smile. I’m sure she will be a very loving and understanding wife and will make a great mom to her kids.

  7. laraib perzada (tooba's best friend) says:

    I just want to wish her all the best in everything. May ALLAH gives her long life and protect her from evil souls. She being a Sindhi gal has done tremendous progress in career and i also congratulate her though i have already done that but once again on this platform that we are happy to see her now performing as producer on ARYNEWS.
    TOOBA ! u really have become an inspiration for young gals its not b’coz i know u or you are my best friend but b’coz i have met so many unknown ppl who likes u so much and appreciates u and when i tell them that you and I are childhood friends, we have studies together and we are best friends ppl don’t believe me and start making fun of me but its ohk i don’t mind them .I’m happy that ppl talk good abt and think positive. everyone is missing you on screen so try to come soon but do not leave production work coz its bigger than the anchoring u know it.

    • shaheen zafar says:

      Once i had got a chance to meet tooba in a wedding of a common friend. I used to watch her on KTN news after then ARY NEWS. I want to share my experience when i met Tooba in-person she was so sweet, responsive, kind, elegant, soft spoken and above all she looked so different in person. in fact she looked and looks great in person ppl mostly find her damn pretty on t.v this is b’coz every one can see her on t.v only, very few gets a chance to see and meet her in person and i must tell u all that she looks very young and clean heart and innocent face gal in real. she is more prettier in real thn being on t.v. I had a chance to see some other news anchors of different channels as well as arynews and i must say after seeing them in person i had stopped watching them on screen b’coz the gals were so ugly or over the age and i had this thought for every gal in news media but Tooba proved me wrong. she not only proved me wrong in appearance of her but she is so down to earth i did not feel uncomfortable for a second while talking to her. Her response was so positive.
      I must tell you all that in that wedding she looked damn beautiful wearing black Sari.

  8. ashiq says:

    how are you where are you now many time you are on screen…reply plz

    • Marvi Ghumro says:

      Ashiq sab!
      I being sister of Tooba is replying you
      First: she is not coming on Arynews as a news anchor b’coz she has taken 8 months off from anchor ship and embellishing her skills as a program producer by producing live shows for Arynews.
      Second: Tooba is very busy in her C.S.S studies..
      Third: Very soon you all will see her doing anchoring on English international media. she is doing preparation for that.. time will show.

  9. Marvi Ghumro says:

    I am Marvi Ghumro, Tooba’s younger sister..
    I would also like to leave some comments after reading her interview.
    I feel really proud that I am tooba’s sister. She is a wonderful person.A beautiful daughter, caring sister. She takes care of everyone.. I don’t remember that she’d ever said no to me for anything. She consider the requests, fulfill commitments but what i don’t like about my sister is she is sensitive and thinks from heart always not brain.thinking from heart always hurt the expectations… She is very dedicated towards her work, tooba is focused, ambitious and she is a role model for me, sufyan and infact my friends take her as a role model. But its good to know that our Sindhi Community is also very proud of her as she is the 1st Sindhi gal leading national media s a front line news anchor and experiencing other things like production,reporting, editorial too. She now working as a program producer in ARYNEWS and I am really happy to see her learning something really big. May ALLAH Bless Her.! (Ameen)

  10. fajarabbas says:

    Asslam-o- Aliakum im fajar. tooba you are working very well.i pray success trace your feet.good luck

  11. Sakina ghumro says:

    I’m Sakina Ghumro
    i feel so proud 🙂
    Good Luck alway’s be success

  12. Asslam-o- Aliakum i m Irfan Ali Ghumro from Geo Tv as program producer.
    As a Producer i would comment that Tooba has done a good job in electronic Media as news anchor.
    Best wishes for his future.

    • Wazeer Ali Ghumro - MCB Bank Ltd; says:

      I am Wazeer Ali Ghumro, I feel so pround – God bless u & ur family always. Regards,

  13. Sanambaloch says:

    Salam everyone!!

    I am sure u must all know me, I was just going through some stuff and found Tooba Ghumro’s Interview. I also would like to add up something.

    Tooba and I were together in KTNnews. she was in News media and i was in Showbiz when first time I met Tooba Ghumro she was such a little, Cute and innocent girl and i must mention very hardworking and eager to prove her abilities. She is very talented and what I loved the most about Tooba Ghumro was her English!! Tooba Ghumro has got such fluency and she speaks English with proper grammar which not every one can speak so. anyways!!
    Then after a long time met Tooba in ARY and was very happy that she as a Sindhi girl proven so much. In my family my mother loved and liked Tooba the most.
    In her qualities i would like to mention that Tooba is very Generous, Kind and very adorable but sometimes she does get rude. I know CHANEL & BURBERRY are Tooba’s favorite brands and of course she uses alot of stuff of those brands. just an information that i added.
    I and i am sue everybody else is so proud of her and I hope she gets success in American media too for which she is working hard. GOD bless her!!

  14. sattar manganhar says:

    tooba is our proud kept it up

  15. Masroor Palari says:

    I am very proud of tooba

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