Nonviolent Protestors of Sindh Education Lower Staff were callously beaten by Karachi Police

Posted: February 26, 2011 in News and Views

Demand for rights meet with harsh treatment

According to the reports of different media and individual sources on facebook, the protest of Sindh Education Lower Staff met with a harsh and violent reaction of Karachi police. Police applied baton charge and used tear gas to prevent the nonviolent protestors of Low Paid Contract Employees of Provincial Education Department, from marching towards the Parliament and the Chief Minister House. Eye witnesses, passers-by and media reports say protestors were acting nonviolently and demanding their employment rights from the appropriate authorities which is legal, legitimate and moral. Police applied baton charge and tear gas in which two protestors were injured while more than 12 were arrested. Those who were arrested were harassed and kept at Artillery police station, Karachi. Protest call was given by All Sindh Education Department Lower Staff Association which was attended by low paid contract staff from different parts of the province.

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Media also reported that after massive protest from the lower staff the Sindh Minister for Education and Literacy Department Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq assured them for regularization of their jobs, but the government so far has not regularized the employees. According to the Lower Staff Association representatives, the government has also stopped salaries of contract basis employees working in Karachi, Hyderabad and other parts of the Sindh. The representative of the Lower Staff Association told media that both Provincial Minister and Secretary of Education promised to hold meeting with them on their issues but unfortunately it never happened. Further added that Sindh Minister for Education and Literacy Department Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq had assured them for regularization of their jobs, but the government so far has not regularized the employees.

This protest of Lower Staff Association reveals the sorry state of affairs in the southern province of province where people are beaten and tortured if they demand their rights guaranteed by both the Constitution of Pakistan and the international human rights law. This news also shows that how much people trust on the promises made by the Government and their officials. This erosion of people’s trust has not happened in one day. It is the result of constant breach of their trust on the government and their representatives. As reports say that the Sindh Minister and Secretary for Education were supposed to hold meetings with the protestors but unfortunately that promise was not honored by them.

Pakistan which has ratified both the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and the UN Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (UNCAT) has obligation to restrain from such treatment to the people who demand their rights which are legal.

Pakistan and Sindh Government authorities should not prevent people from exercising their rights peacefully and nonviolently. If people were stopped from protests and not allowed to let their frustration by nonviolent means like march and rallies. They may resort to violent means which may create more problems for the government.

Being a state party to a Key Convention of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and Signatory to two other two conventions, Pakistan and Sindh government must ensure that human rights of people are respected, protected and realized in Pakistan in line with international standards where Pakistan Government has made pledges and commitments with international community. The inhumane way police is treating protestors shows how much these obligations and promises of Pakistani government with the international community are being honored on the ground. RightsNOW Pakistan urges the Pakistan and Sindh Government to comply with its obligation to both national and international law and regularize the employees and issue them their withheld salaires.

Higher Authorities of Sindh Police should take an immediate notice of such cruel behavior of their officials towards the nonviolent protesters and hold accountable to those who were involved in the act. evident in the picture. Civil Servant Act of Pakistan which regulate the appointment and other terms of services of police and other department should comply with the meaning of the name of the Act ‘servant’ and restraint themselves from issuing orders to their colleagues to treat protesters harshly and inhumanely and ensure that their sub-ordinate treat masses as the real civil servants do in other civilized countries.

Ministers, Chief Ministers and other highest Government officials must not forget that it is their duty and obligation to meet people, listen their pains and problems, and take immediate and appropriate measures for their redressal. They are on these positions just because of these people. Once people decided to ACT; such violent measures  of authorities will fail  prevent people to throw them away from power. Egypt, Tunisia and other countries are examples and authorities must learn lessons from them.

RightsNOW Pakistan appreciate the role of Marvi Memon, a journalist and member National Assembly for standing the rights of education employees and inter-positioning between police and protestors to create space for them so they could continue their protest and save themselves from violence of police.


  1. Inam Bhatti says:

    Dear Ali
    Wish you all the best
    It was really worth counting article by you. I hope you will ever address the issues alike. At present the situation of Balochistan is over the all limits. Also in Sindh since long Akash Mallah and two other workers of JSQM are missing. Few days ago Muzaffar Bhutto General Secretary of JSMM is kidnapped by the agencies. He was tortured for 18 months last time after his missing from Karachi. He was handovered to police and the than courts freed him without any charge.

  2. saima fazlani says:

    Ali ur aticle worth alot.It is informative from every aspect for me n ppl like me who have interest in human rights but dont know much about that ..hope u will continue ur worthful efforts for human rights

    Wish u all the best .

  3. well written thoughfull article

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