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Residential Summer Institute for K-12 Educators

Ahimsa Center’s 2011 Summer Institute for K-12 teachers, the fourth in a series on Education about Nonviolence, will focus on two major proponents of nonviolent action for social change: Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948) and Cesar Chavez, (1927-1993). Both of them dedicated their lives to combat racism, oppression, injustice, violence, and poverty. In their shared worldview, moral and spiritual growth of human civilization was as important as its material advancement. Both were highly influential in shaping the politics of the day, without ever holding a public office. They led by example, with nonviolence as the core principle guiding their actions. However, their journeys were quite different in terms of the scope, scale, and impact of their movements. This institute is devoted to an in-depth study of their journeys on the path of nonviolence in the pursuit of a more just, peaceful, and sustainable social order.

The Caux Scholars Program July 3-31, 2011 will offer a learning experience in “Exploring Justice: Transitional, Restorative and Indigenous Applications” for young professionals and students ages 20-35.

The program takes place in the historic Caux Center in Switzerland. Students have the opportunity to participate in the Caux Forum for Human Security, which draws leaders from politics, NGO’s, religion, the media and grassroots from over 60 countries to examine the relationship between governance, economics, climate change, environmental degradation, wounded memory and conflict. A great opportunity to interact and network with people from diverse nationalities and from conflict zones.

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A Merit/Income Based Financial Assistance for Sindhi Students
SANA simply helps them to achieve their dream
For the award of Dr. Feroz Ahmed Memorial  Educational (FAME) Scholarships for the academic Year 2010-2011,  Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) invites applications from Sindhi students who are pursuing education at universities/colleges in Pakistan.

This scholarship program is mainly for those Sindhi students who are meritorious and belong to very low income Sindhi families

Application forms are attached with this message and also available at SANA website .  For completing and forwarding  applications, please read carefully the following instructions:

Scholarships Award Procedure and Selection Criteria

Based on the collection of funds, each year SANA awards several scholarships to meritorious and needy Sindhi students in Sindh.

For the academic year 2010-2011,  SANA FAME Scholarships Program will confer the following awards:

For the academic year 2010-2011, our target is award of 80 Scholarships.

1.  Fiftysix (56) scholarships for Undergraduate Studies in  Sciences. Each $200.00

2.  Six (6) scholarships for Post-graduate  Studies in Social Sciences and Humanities.  Each $400.00

3.  Six (6) scholarships for Undergraduate Studies  with major in Sindhi Language, Sindhi Literature, Sindh History, etc. Each $200.00

4.  Four (4) scholarships for Post-graduate Studies in  Sindhi Language, Sindhi Literature, Sindh History, etc.  $400.00 each.

5.  Eight (8) scholarships of  $200.00 each for students of Nursing Colleges.

The successful students are paid the scholarship amount in equivalent Rupees at their address in Sindh.

For every academic year, the SANA FAME Scholarship committee invites applications through announcement at:
· SANA website
· Sanalist,
· Sindh based lists
· Mehran TV,
· Newspapers in Sindh, such as Kawish.

This information is available on the SANA website under the link “FAME Scholarship Program” and then click further link “Recent Announcements” provides complete schedule for the current year scholarship program

The list of successful applicants is announced on the SANA website and on Sanalist.  Also each successful applicant is informed via e-mail address provided in their completed forms.   The successful applicants will be asked to provide the bank details to SANA Treasurer so that funds can be transferred to their account.

For enquiries the e-mail address is:

The Application Forms for the Graduate and Post-Graduate categories are attached with this message and also available at the SANA website.

The Application Schedule
As specified above, the SANA website under the link “Recent Announcements” for FAME Scholarship Program provides complete schedule for the current year’s scholarship program.

  • April 30,  2011 – Last date for receiving applications.
  • May 30, 2011- Announcement about award of  scholarships.  Selected students will be notified and scholarships will be  awarded.

The Application Procedure
Read carefully the following instructions:

First step is to obtain the documentation as described under title The Attachments.

There are 2 ways to apply for the scholarships
A. Applying directly at the SANA website.
B. Printing forms attached with this message and also available on the SANA website.  The completed forms with specified attachments shall be mailed at the address provided.

A. Applying directly at the SANA website
· On the SANA website, select “Related Link” of the FAME Scholarships Program
· Select “Form Category A – Under Graduate Studies” or “Form Category B – Graduate Studies”.
· Enter the required information on the selected form.
· Scan the documents listed under The Attachments, as specified below.   Download on your pc and attach the scanned copy for each document as required on the form.
· Select Submit, when above is complete.
B. Printing forms and submitting via mail (post)
The application forms (Under Graduate or Graduate category) are available at SANA website for printing (also attached with this message).  The completed forms and the copies of documents shall be mailed at the following address

The completed form with above attachments to be mailed via regular mail (not by registered mail) to:

FAME Scholarships
C/O Ghulam Memon
9112 Harbor Hills Drive,
Houston, Texas 77054, USA
The Attachments
The properly completed form is to be attached with following documents.  Please read the instruction as mentioned below under Note:
1. Proof of admission in the University/College
2. Attendance Record of the current semester
3. Attested copies of mark sheets for Class X, Class XII, and university examinations mentioned in the form
4. Original family income certificate
5. An autobiographical essay (one page), hand written in English or Sindhi

For attaching above documents, please note the following:
o For documents 1, 2, and 3, obtain the photo-copies.  Each photo-copy shall be properly attested with the signature and stamp of the person attesting the documents.
o For document 4, the original certificate shall be attested as above.
o The document 5 shall be attached in original.

The Selection Procedure
The review and selection process is conducted by the combined team of the SANA FAME Scholarship Committee. The application review process includes separation of application forms in various specified categories and the review of applicant’s information on forms and on the attached documents.  Based on this review process, the applications are ranked as per the merit and the family’s yearly earnings.

Any application received during this review period is also included in the process.