Murder of Human Rights Defender in Uganda

Posted: January 31, 2011 in News and Views

Mr. David Kato

RightsNOW Pakistan condemns the murder of human rights defender in Uganda. A Ugandan human rights defender, Mr.David Kato was an active human rights defender, striving for the protection of human rights particularly for sexual minorities (LGBT) in  Uganda., was  reportedly killed on 26th January, 2011.

Initial reports revealed that on 26th January, 2011 a man entered in his house who severely beaten him to death. Sources says that Mr. Kato had death threats. RightsNow Pakistan contacted human rights activist from Uganda based in Boston for comments onn Mr. Kato’s murder. He shared that he is also following the incident and according to him, “Ugandan Security forces have condemned the act and continue searching for the suspects, who seem to be fellow locals.

Uganda has been unfavorable place for LGBT right activists  where  sexual minorities have beaten and threatened.  Mr. Kato’s murder will stir a new discussion on the rights of LGBT in Ugandan society.






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