Sindh Province faces acute hunger-UNICEF reports

Posted: January 27, 2011 in News and Views

Hungry child eats chiken bones in Sindh (Pic by CBS News)

According to Reuters reports- Pakistan‘s Souther province, Sindh is suffering levels of malnutrition. Province was hit hard by last year’s flood which hit both North and South Pakistan. Reports compare the situation of malnutrition with Chad and Niger.The grimness of situation can be judged from the fact that hundreds of thousands of children at risk, according to UNICEF authorities, reported by Reuters.

Reports also mention about a survey conducted by the provincial government and the U.N. Children’s Fund revealed malnutrition rates of 23.1 percent in northern Sindh and 21.2 percent in the south.

The report claims that Northern Sindh also had a 6.1 percent severe acute malnutrition rate and southern Sindh had 2.9 percent, both far above the WHO thresholds. Reuter reported UNICEF head saying, “We are looking at hundreds of thousands of children at risk.” A full report would be released Friday by the Sindh government, according to UNICEF authorities, along with the province’s response plan. Monsoon floods starting in late July last year devastated Pakistan. More than one-fifth of its territory was inundated and 20 million people affected. Ten million were left homeless and nearly 2,000 people died. Six months later, many communities in Sindh are still surrounded by floodwaters. In Sindh and Baluchistan, some 600,000 people are still living in temporary camps, according to the World Food Program. The United Nations appealed for $2 billion in emergency aid, but only 56 percent has been delivered, according to Oxfam.

Source: Reuters:

  1. Its 100% right that sindh is richest provinces of Pakistan all natural resources are available here but unfortunitly people of sindh are hunger for eating 2 times eating.
    Here is best sea side here avaialable big stock of coal. Sindh is produce Natural gas, oil etc. The land of sindh is cultivated and productive land here is all types fruits garden,all types of vegetables, wheat, cotton are major crops here . But people are hunger no planning from Govt side. This is big un justice to the people of sindh.

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