Geo TV Journalist Shot Dead

Posted: January 14, 2011 in News and Views

Geo TV Journalist Gunned Down

A popular Pakistani TV channel Geo’ reporter, 29 years old, Wali Khan Babar, was shot dead in Karachi on Thursday 14th January 2011. Mr. Khan was targeted near Dakhan Bus stop in Karachi while he was on way to his home. According to preliminary reports, he was attacked when his car stuck in a traffic jam and attacker appeared in front of his car and fired at him with his pistol. According to post mortem reports, Babar received five bullets at his neck, face and forehead. Police also found five spent bullets from the scene. The way Babar is attacked confirms it as premeditated act. Shocking Babar was attacked just in front of the police station, Liaqat Town. Khan’s colleague are connecting his murder with his reporting of police operations against criminals but can be many other reasons which can be revealed by the investigation.

Pakistan where 2010, 8 journalist have been killed according to the reports of Committee on Protection of Journalists (CPJ).

  1. this was very sad news for me bcz wali was my friend and we work togather in same field . he was in geo i was in samaa

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