Sindh Culture Day Celebrations

Posted: January 11, 2011 in News and Views

After Eid (Muslim Festival), once again people of Sindh (Sindhi Manhu) were seen busy shopping in the markets. Every man, woman, child celebrated SINDH CULTURAL DAY also known as Sindhi Ajrak Topi day on 4th, 5th and 6th December 2010. Males were buying Ajrak (block printed shawls), Topi (cap) while females got succee and mirrored gaj with poti (scarf).

It is second or third time that the day is observed each year on 4th 5th and 6th December both across the province (Southern province of Pakistan) and abroad wherever Sindhi community lives. Media reported Sindhi wearing topis (caps), patkas (turbans) and shalwar kameez from Karachi to Kashmir, Karujhar to Nangarparkar, Pune (India) to Bangkok, Alhas Nagar Delhi to Oad-nagar Chicago and Boston to Houston, US.

Sindh Provincial Government also announced it as a holiday. This event was celebrated with great passion, zest, love and traditional enthusiasm by children, women, lawyers, civil society, farmers, laborers and others. People from other provinces also joined the province by sending peace and love messages to the people of Sindh and  appreciating their culture.

Sindhi People (Sindhi Manhu) were seen celebrating their cultural day with any fear, insecurity and with full freedom.

Lawyers, journalists, politicians, students, women group delegations went to Jamshoro, a town near Hyderabad, to pay homage to the River Indus. These delegations also visited tomb of famous mystic sindhi poet, Shah Abdul Latif bhatai and laid floral wreaths there. These delegations offered fateha at the shrine and pledged to promote Shah’s message of love, peace and harmony across the world.

Sindh, land of mysticism, peace, secularism and plurality was in full swing while being echoed with songs’: Jeay Sindh Jeay, Sindh Wara Jean’; ‘Sindh Muhinjee Amma, Maa Jitay Bhee Hunja Shaal Tuhinjo Thiyaan’; ‘Aj Ta Har Taraf Har Handh Sindh Sindh Lagee Paee Aa’

In Houston, Sikander Balouch and his friends organized Sindh cultural Day and dances over sindhi tunes while in Boston, Ali Palh, Bilawal Balouch and Fatima Dada (a sindh lover) invited some of their international friends and celebrated the Sindh Cultural Day at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy Tufts University. Sindh Topi Ajrak Day/Culture Day send a message across the world that culture is people’s identity, those who remembers and celebrate it live long and forever.


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